This is not acceptable! This sign has 3thd written on it. I could understand how a ‘th’ could be left on when copy and pasting another sign since the majority of dates end in ‘th’ but if that was the error then why was a ‘d’ added without an ‘r’?
Then I thought “Alright, it’s just a mistake on one sign, it can be forgiven.” End of problem, right? No, wrong! As I walked down the street where I had seen this sign I looked for another sign that provided the same information. The mistake was also on this second sign.
Why has this mistake been allowed to be put on the streets? Why isn’t the quality of these signs being checked? I can answer that, it’s because the people making them are saying “People will know what it means.” And they just leave it at that. They don’t want to spend money redoing the sign which is understandable but why not do it right in the first place?
I know people can make mistakes and how easy it can be but even if I made a seriously bad mistake on here (which means it’s on the internet where anyone can see) it isn’t as bad as a badly done street sign. I can be ignored and I’m not giving important information like a street sign is. I expect a higher standard of sign.
How is 3thd supposed to be said? Is it threethd? Could it be thithd? I don’t know. I don’t like it either. We could treat this as the mistake that it is but what if it happened again? What if we end up with ‘1thst’ or something similar? If children see it or teenagers think it is rebellious and cool then this could be the next step in language change. Language is changing all the time, it can even mark the march of progress but leave the numbers alone! Seriously! I’m not happy.
Thanks for reading. I’m planning on finding things that annoy me and writing more pieces like this. Let me know if you have any ideas that I could use with a comment and I’ll see if I agree with you, If I do use a suggested idea then I’ll thank you in the post.

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