The Fire

In my eyes there was a fire,
A fire that burned with the heat of desire.
My spirit was strong,
As powerful as the day is long.
Anything I tried to do, I could.
Everything I wanted to do, I would.
I was unbeatable, unbreakable, a force unspent.
What sins I had done, I felt no need to repent.
Any fears I had were gone,
And the fire went on.

But now the fire has died,
Those that praised me, well… they lied.
Nothing about me is great,
I am just another pawn of fate,
In a game that goes on forever,
Will a winner be declared? Never.
The game it causes pain, anger and strife,
This is me in this game called life,
Walking this world from dawn ’til dusk,
Nothing is left but an empty husk.

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