Weird Dropdown Suggestions

weird skill suggestionsI was recently doing a job search online and a website did what I expected, it asked me to enter area, job title and skills.

As you can see from the picture the skills had a dropdown menu showing suggestions to me. When I saw this I was confused to say the least. Why would it suggest these things as skills? I haven’t edited this in any way, this is the whole thing.

My next thought was that maybe the website had somehow used words that I had previously typed into my computer which would make sense. Then I realised that this is extremely weird because it should only use words typed into similar boxes, not random Word Documents. So if it had suggested my postcode or town that would have made sense, what is there doesn’t.

I’ve used the phrases on the list a single time because I studied Psychology and English Language at college so had to do work about depression and graveyards on the computer. This is why the suggested phrases aren’t completely random. There are phrases that I’ve used more frequently and I’ve used this sort of job search website before so what made the programming think that these were the perfect suggestions for me?

Comment with what weird drop down options you’ve come across!

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