Who wants to be a stewart?

stewartstewart. This was the title to a job description that was published online. I’ve been kind to the company and have cropped out anything that shows who they are but this is unbelievable.

Surely this should have been checked before it was put up. It makes the company look like the workers don’t know what they’re doing. They’ve not even used a capital letter so there’s more than just a spelling mistake.

This one really creates fury for me because this company won’t just accept any applicant. They will be selective and look for a perfect candidate. In Threethd I wrote that some mistakes are understandable but not for something as professional and selective as a job advertisement.

This was slightly redeemed by the description below which was written correctly and actually had the job written in a way that stood out but first impressions are important or so we’re told.

steward not stewertThe job role was actually for a steward which made more sense and it was all in capitals, spelled correctly and the sentence it was a part of made sense. No problem. Why wasn’t this level of attention and professionalism shown when the title was written? We – the applicants – have to be perfect in our applications but the companies can make as many errors as they wish with no comeback because we need jobs more than they need workers. They can afford to sit and wait for a perfect candidate but we can’t look for a perfect company. This is unfair and that is why I’m annoyed.

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