Call of Duty WW2 zombies – Good


I recently played a game that made me laugh so much that I was unable to play. That game was the David Tennant Swearing Simulator and I didn’t think a Scottish man screaming expletives could be so entertaining but I love what I’ve played of it.

Alright, I’m lying, there isn’t a David Tennant Swearing Simulator. The game that I was playing was in fact Call of Duty: WW2 and I was on the zombies mode where David Tennant does some voice acting along with some other actors who might as well not have bothered.

The mode works like the zombies of previous instalments in the series by progressing in waves and having undead monsters come at you. The difference this time is that the objectives are much clearer than before, they appear on screen and you actually have some direction along with the idea of surviving.

I am not a fan of Call of Duty and the only time I play is when my dad wants to do split screen but the zombies on this game is just too funny to ignore. It started out calm on wave1 with us just trying to learn the map and understand the mode then Drostan Hynd (David Tennant’s character) started to swear, using his voice to sound fearful. This was great as it added atmosphere and realism to the game.

After that the game became even more interesting as Drostan just swore every few seconds. In the game I activated a switch which caused an explosion setting all zombies on fire causing more chaos. Drostan was killed but the David Tennant voice kept playing, even after death. A constant stream of swearwords in a fearful Scottish accent is incredible to listen to in the middle of fire and explosions, I was just disappointed at Jefferson Potts (Ving Rhames’ character) who seemed to be silent throughout this experience.

I have problems with the mode like not being able to find things like the weapons I want or the items that make my character stronger and I don’t like the speed at which the difficulty seems to increase, it isn’t playable for long for a player of low skill level. But it was fun so the problems don’t matter, if you enjoy five minutes then that’s five minutes of decent gameplay which is better than any number of hours of bad.

To sum it up in three words Call of Duty WW2 zombie mode is chaotic, fun and brilliant.


The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the achievements section of the Xbox website. A soldier staring on, fairly standard on its own and not that impressive but with the context of the game being Call of Duty’s big return to the second world war this is marketing genius, add in the fact that we don’t know what he’s staring at and this can be seen as emotional artwork about the horrors of war.

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