Christmas Trouble

Christmas is here,
A time for good cheer,
Goodwill to all men,
Or that’s the idea,
Instead there is fear.

The trip to the shops,
Is where all goodwill stops,
Pushing through tiny aisles,
Picking up seasonal crops,
And buying drinks made with hops.

Presents too, you have to buy,
Hoping children laugh not cry,
Buying things is getting hard,
Sadly, you still have to try,
Now you stop and ask yourself why.

Then out in the car park,
The sky is getting dark,
The heavens open,
Horn honking is a lark,
Things get worse as a dog starts to bark.

With shopping done,
It’s time for some fun,
Put the TV on,
Now you know you’ve won,
As you giggle at a Christmassy pun.

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