Revelation 21:6 (Christmas)

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. – Revelation 21:6

This Bible quote is read to you early in the game Fallout 3 and the plot of the game revolves around the idea that the words are literal. In a wasteland after a nuclear war where everything is irradiated people are trying to rebuild civilisation but are also fighting for their own survival. The main character’s father has run away from a vault (which is a safe place underground) with the intention of using a machine to purify the water which can then be distributed as the first step towards rebuilding.

The Alpha and Omega part of this quote is about the Greek alphabet as these are the first and last letters of it. This is just demonstrating that God is always there and is basically everything, as the quote says the beginning and the end.

As for religion the second part of the quote could be speaking literally or about the spirit. Literal because water keeps people alive and is more important than food as you can go longer without food than you can without water. The hot, sandy countries where the events in the Bible are set were places where water was scarce, so God could literally be giving people water to survive. Spiritually this would mean that God will be there for those that seek or thirst for him.

I’d say that the Bible and other religious books are out of date as well as having stories where meanings only fit certain parts of the world. A more modern version of this would be:
I am A to Z, from start to finish. I will give what is needed to those that need it without any charge.

Looked at this way the quote can be related to Christmas. I’m not religious and don’t believe in charity but Christmas is something that is almost unavoidable where I live and is considered a time for giving. So, to give some reason to my bringing the quote up I’ll point out that most countries have laws based on the ideas of some kind of religious text and if there’s anything to take from this it’s that to be great as a person, to become godlike or have your own apotheosis then treat not just Christmas but all of the year as a time for giving and helping others. Give people what they want and what they need and make sure you don’t thirst for anything.

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