From what has come before me…

“‘From what has come before me, I was forged, but I am new and greater than my forebears.’ And so each man walks the world in ruin, abandoned and untried. Less than the whole of his being.” – Sten, Dragon Age: Origins

To put this quote in context, Sten is a person in Dragon Age: Origins which is a game about dwarves, elves and other fantasy creatures. When Sten says this he is talking to a golem and is asking it why something like that would be created, why would someone want a living pile of rocks that can think and feel for itself? The two characters then agree that this is some kind of riddle.

I think this is a quote about potential. ‘I am new and greater than my forebears’ is saying that a person can do better than those that came before but the interesting bit of this is ‘And so each man walks the world in ruin, abandoned and untried. Less than the whole of his being.’ This bit is interesting because everyone is better than those before but they are abandoned and untried, they are untested, not given a chance so cannot realise their full potential. These people who don’t get a chance are less than the whole of their being.

How many capable or talented people are out there, unable to do what they want just because no-one will give them a chance? I know that when I’ve had need of hope I’d look to this quote to remind myself that I, just like everybody else is probably great. I just need someone to give me the chance I need.

Now that we’re in 2018 I can look to the quote and tell myself that this year I may become the whole of my being. I can have hope and look forward to being able to realise my potential. So with this in mind, happy new year everyone.

5 thoughts on “From what has come before me…

    1. Exactly! The greatness is within but it can be easy to forget that, this quote helps me to remember it and I’d like it to help others too. There’s greatness within you too. Thanks for giving being my first commenter.

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