Since it’s still winter where I am I thought I’d write about my least favourite weather Snow treecondition.

Snow is a terrible thing. It blocks the roads up and makes travel harder with road, railway and airport closures. Often where I live there is a thin layer of snow with a sheet of ice beneath it which makes walking around dangerous.

Snow tres and bushes.JPGThen you can add in the fact that it only ever snows when it’s very cold, colder than usual. You’re inside the house shivering your brains out because even the heat of the fire isn’t enough to warm the room up. It doesn’t help that we have a dog and have to let the cold in when we open the door to let him out.

The worst bit is that everyone thinks that snow is somehow magical and beautiful, they want a white Christmas or a blanket of snow to make the fields and trees look nice. People have memories of childhood fun in the snow and for anyone that lives in a country where it doesn’t snow, you are lucky. As you get older the snow has only one good point and that’s that it looks nice but other than that it’s just annoying.

7 thoughts on “Snow

    1. In childhood snow is one of the best things ever, a white canvas for fun but as you get older you start to see more and more negatives. At least not having snow you won’t have the freezing cold temperatures. How is the weather at its worst where you are?

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      1. In the Philippines it’s mostly summer like it could go as high as 45 degrees celcius. But we also get like an average of 20 super typhoons in a year that result to a lot of casualties, it’s terrifying.

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