Your cash ain’t worth a thing…

“Your cash ain’t worth a thing if you don’t spend it!” – Marcus Kincaid, Borderlands 2

Marcus Kincaid is an arms dealer in the Borderlands series and spends a lot of his time being rude to the player. He is a stubborn man that refuses to give a refund to anyone, all he seems to care about is money and profit.

On first inspection it looks like he’s just trying to sell you something but if you think about it, the profit crazed arms dealer is right. Money is something that everyone wants but we want it so that we can spend it or at least have financial security so our things aren’t taken away from us.

Money itself is worthless. It only gains value when it is used for trade. As an example a potato is worth a potato but if you can trade it for two eggs then a potato is worth two eggs, its value has changed. A hundred thousand pounds (or your chosen currency) is probably not worth much unless you want fuel for a fire but if we buy a car with it then a hundred thousand pounds is worth a car, makes sense.

People often envy the rich because they have nice things and lots of money in the bank. I envy the rich for their financial security. I think that unless there is a reason to keep money (saving, security…) then people should spend their money to get what they want to make themselves happy. If you have a pound in you pocket and want a chocolate bar, you know that losing a pound won’t harm your financial security then treat yourself, buy the chocolate and give yourself that pleasure! give your money some value! Even if it is just a chocolate bar.

Marcus Kincaid may be a fictional grumpy old arms dealer but he has a point with this quote. I know that twenty pounds a month won’t harm anything so I spend it and make myself happy, if I have anything else spare I’ll spend that too. Giving value to your money is a way to make yourself happy, so Marcus’ words are something to live your life by. What is life without happiness?

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