Explanation of game ratings


I have started writing reviews and thought I needed to explain my rating system. I use two things as my focus, game features and fun levels. I use five ranks:

Great – These are games where the features, controls and story are all fantastic but also manage to be fun. Great games have a charm of their own and really stand out against similar games.

Good – These are games where a game has features that have been done well and are a lot of fun, but I don’t think anything would make me play that game over the alternatives.

Average – These are games that I can see what the developer is trying to do with the game, but they haven’t got anything specific that makes the game good. I have some fun with average games.

Bad – Bad games aren’t called bad because they are terrible, I call them bad because they are games that would be average but just lack any fun for me.

Terrible – The really bad games that aren’t just boring but are featureless or broken to the point of being unplayable.

Just remember that all of my reviews are done as my opinions so if you think you disagree when I call a game bad feel free to think it’s good because it might be for you. Any Games With Gold games that come out are free if you have Xbox Live Gold you might as well get them no matter what anyone thinks. Generally I don’t pay much attention to graphics but will still mention them sometimes and any DLC I review will get its own post.

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