I am a dragon, hear me roar.
The people I’ve killed number more than a score.
They stand and watch as across the skies I soar.
I do not care if they’re rich or poor,
Or even if they believe in peace or war.
They wonder what I came here for.
I am a dragon, hear me roar.

I am a dragon, see my teeth.
I take men’s gold like a majestic thief,
Doing my best to cause them grief.
I come and tear at the one they call chief,
He tries to defend, can’t get his weapon from its sheath.
My tail smashes down killing those caught beneath.
I am a dragon, see my teeth.

I am a dragon, look at my wings,
Covering the sky, they’re massive things,
They withstand rain and the thunder it brings.
How they try to kill me, those horrible kings,
Firing boulders out of their slings,
But I evade, then steal jewels and rings.
I am a dragon, look at my wings.

I am a dragon, look at my scales,
Shining like gemstones, but hard as nails.
The lookouts spot me, I hear their wails.
I kill all, males and females.
They fight my fires with water filled pails.
They’re leaving in boats, I’ll destroy the sails.
I am a dragon, feel my scales.

I am a dragon, touch my tail,
Swinging it around, I cannot fail.
They try to find my weakness, but to no avail,
In this battle they shall not prevail.
I’ve fought them before, their tactics are stale,
They might just work if I was as slow as a snail.
I am a dragon, touch my tail.

I am a dragon, match my claws,
They rip and tear, just like my jaws,
If put in a contest, they’d win much applause.
The people that fight me are clutching at straws,
Soon to discover they’re fighting for a lost cause,
Because my mighty structure, it has no flaws.
I am a dragon, match my claws.

I am a dragon, burn in my fire,
It will burn hotter than a funeral pyre.
The hiss of the flames like the song of a choir,
The humans admit that their situation is dire.
They bring their forces, the whole empire.
Though they try, I shall never expire.
I am a dragon, burn in my fire.

3 thoughts on “Dragon

  1. All I can say is you just brought me inside a world showing the dragon’s power and strength above all. The great advantage of being a gamer like you, imo, is that you’re gifted with such a wide scenic imagination that provokes us readers to get inside your movie/game/thought through your words. This is really awesome. Like I told you before, you should write more of this, Lucas. Great job! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never thought about it that way, gaming has changed how I think. I’m exposed to imaginary worlds with mythical creatures, I’m glad I can use what I see to improve my writing and share with others.
      I should have more like this coming at some point, I just need inspiration to strike.

      Liked by 1 person

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