I’ll tell you of a creature,

The banshee which screams before a death,

On and on it screeches,

Without stopping for a breath.


A most terrifying creature,

The banshee that hides nearby,

It’s piercing screeches,

they make you want to cry.


Dreams are haunted by this creature,

The banshee you cannot escape,

The screeches chase you forever,

I do not jest or jape.


Here it comes, the creature,

The banshee that’s living in your house,

As the relentless screeching continues,

You stay quiet as a mouse.


5 thoughts on “Banshee

    1. Thanks. Yes, a banshee is a myth, I’m trying to write about lots of different mythical beasts at the moment. You could help me, a search of the Internet told me of one called Alan from the Philippines, do you know anything about it?
      And just for future reference, I’m from England not Ireland.

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