The beast from the east

Not too long a go I wrote a piece about how I don’t like snow and after a quick conversation in the comments I felt a bit bad about complaining but I’m sticking to my guns.

When I heard that the beast from the east(TBFTE) was coming I thought it was something to do with the Russians visiting so I ignored it. It turns out TBFTE is a lot of snow that’s hitting at the beginning of spring. So now on top of all the usual negatives of snow I can’t see any of the positives of the springtime; there’re no birds tweeting in the trees, no plants will grow, no slight temperature increase and no hope.

Spring is a time of new life, new life comes as a symbol of hope. Hope is the light in the darkness, an end to the bad times but TBFTE has cancelled it all for now. Instead of being cheered up and joyful at signs of hope and change we’re stuck with the misery of a winter that didn’t come at the right time.

I think I’m more annoyed because I slipped yesterday but even so, watching cars struggle to drive away while scared that one might slide and hit me isn’t nice, not being to go outside because it’s so cold is horrible, especially when inside isn’t much warmer.

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