Positive Discrimination

Positive Discrimination is the worst thing ever thought of, it’s a way for companies to be discriminative and call it equality. Instead of having equal opportunities for work companies now require you to fill out a form so they can tell you that you cant have a job because they’ve filled out their quota for your sex, religion, race or sexual orientation.

Imagine that you run a company and need to hire nine people in total, you have to do positive discrimination so that you have three black, three white and three Asian people. So now no matter how many people apply, no matter how good their applications are you won’t hire them unless they stay within the number that you’ve set yourself for equality reasons. Is this really the right way to promote equality?

The way I see it is that equality means a fair chance for everyone no matter what sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. It shouldn’t be that HR spends its time hunting down the perfect black man because they have enough white people for good PR, it should be that HR sees a candidate as a candidate for a job as much as a machine will do a job. I know that when I write an application I don’t want to be seen as a person, instead I want to be seen as a potential worker and to know that if I’m accepted or rejected it’s because I was or wasn’t good enough.

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