The Rabbit and the King

The crown of thorns means nothing now,
I’ve won the day, I don’t know how.
My golden flesh and brown insides,
They give me strength, give me pride.
The religious man, his faith was tested,
But I’m the one that’ll be digested.
And he brought us greatness, equality for all,
Forever known shall be his rise and fall.
From now on, I shall take his place,
Bringing unity to all with my sweet bunny face.

6 thoughts on “The Rabbit and the King

  1. I like this side of you where you can write with such wit and harmony as your words rhyme with so much power. You are an amazing poet, Lucas. Again, keep on writing!! ♥️

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      1. Let me know once you post a new one yea? Also, if you can also write about what you currently feel even in an indirect way or by using metaphors in a form of poetry is something you can also consider ☺️

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