Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop – Average

The Contraptions Workshop DLC for Fallout 4 adds a few things for the construction mode in the game, the most useful of which being an ammo production machine.

Most of the items added in this DLC are just there to be played around with but some of it such as ball tracks and switches could be used for some quite advanced stuff. The problem here is that there’s no mission to act as a tutorial on how to build something simple meaning a lot of the items won’t get used because the player will have no idea what they’re for.

A DLC that does nothing wrong but misses out on being good by giving the player no help when it comes to using the new items.


The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the marketplace section of the Xbox website. It shows a fairly butch looking woman with welding equipment. I’m not certain what this is supposed to represent but it doesn’t show contraptions.

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