Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC – Good

Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC has a completely new theme park themed area for players to explore based around the in game drink Nuka Cola.

I received a radio signal which I followed to some Gunners that were guarding the DLC area. A man asked me to find his wife and son, I activated a train and had to go through a deadly gauntlet which climaxed in a boss fight in an arena. Exciting.

You soon find yourself as the boss of three raider gangs: The Operators who want caps, The Pack who want power and The Disciples who want violence.

The story in this DLC takes a bit of a knock with most of the importance going to exploration as you claim the area for the raiders. The area that you claim consists of: Galactic Zone which is just about fighting robots; Kiddie Kingdom which was the most interesting area having ghouls, radiation and a really fun funhouse as well as an interesting character to do battle with; World of Refreshments which had some Mirelurks to fight and some Assaultrons; Safari Adventure which has you ally with a man to fight a new creature called Gatorclaws and Dry Rock Gulch which introduced some new insect enemies and progress could be sped up with high Charisma.

After capturing Nuka World for the raiders you can lead them into the Commonwealth and take over settlements there which will make Preston Garvey hate you. The raider settlements are slightly different to normal ones and some items are added to construction mode but there’s nothing too different.

There is an arena which you get to fight in while in Nuka World and new weapons can be gained from this or throughout the DLC (some of Fallout 4’s best weapons are in this DLC) which are both a bonus.

The lack of any sort of decent attempt at a story stops this one from being great and the only area that really did stand out to me was the Kiddie Kingdom so even with all the things that it adds to help the game I can still only call it good. It does help that this DLC adds more to the Automatron DLC.


The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the marketplace section of the Xbox website. It’s a picture of the Nuka Girl wearing a rocket pack against a red background. Red being a colour associated with Nuka Cola and a woman being better for advertising than a man and the space themed section explain the rocket pack. There’s also a brown ball which could be a blob of drink but it has small drawings of each of the areas coming from it which is a nice touch.

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