Fallout 4 Plot Limericks

I can’t believe they came and took Shaun,
My life was already tattered and torn,
I leave the vault,
Who is at fault?
I’m in the Commonwealth lost and forlorn.

First thing’s first, back home I go,
It’s been two hundred years or so,
I fight in Concord,
For little reward,
Only some caps and a bit of ammo.

Diamond City and I’m stuck at the gate,
I meet Piper and think she’s great,
Kidnappers be aware,
McDonough doesn’t care,
That the Commonwealth is in such a state.

Here is my unlikely Valentine,
A Synth detective who solves crime,
Good old Nick,
Witty and Quick,
I just need a moment of his time.

Kellogg the kidnapper is finally caught,
He was just hiding in a fort,
Now he is dead,
I find metal in his head,
His brain reveals The Institute teleport.

Off to find Virgil in the Glowing Sea,
I am certain that he can help me,
I need a Courser Chip,
So I can take a trip,
Into the place where my son will be.

My friend Sturges gave me a dare,
To hack a computer in the bogeyman’s lair,
I meet Patriot,
Railroad associate,
If I’m caught I’ll have a bit of a scare.

Should I join The Institute under C.I.T?
Or help The Railroad set some Synths free?
Will The Brotherhood
Do some good?
I think The Minutemen are for me.

Are we blowing up the Prydwen?
Or shooting The Railroad in their den?
Big Liberty Prime,
Institute out of time,
Laser muskets and The Minutemen.

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