The Traffic Wizard

traffic wizardThere are those who speak of myths and legends, telling tales of creatures that are long dead or maybe never even existed in the first place. These legends are just that, legends. We cannot be certain which ones are the truth and which ones are lies. Today my friend I shall tell you of a creature that definitely does exist and is alive right now, controlling our movements in this modern, technological age. The Traffic Wizard.
Alone it wanders, nobody has ever seen it move yet it appears all over, in different cities where it uses its power to command cars and pedestrians alike. The Traffic Wizard stands in the middle of the road, holding sway over the ebb and flow of the traffic.
There are even some who claim that this ability to control traffic allows the beast to dictate the movements of whole populations in the cities it visits, controlling the pulsating lifeforce that makes a city feel powerful and pure.
Strange rumours have sprung up that this creature only wishes to help, having intentions of keeping people safe when it orders them to stop before securing the area and commanding those very same people to walk.
The Traffic Wizard utilises a high-pitched bleeping noise to signal that all is well for those on foot and that the mechanical menaces if faces have been frozen.
All that is required to gain the blessing of The Traffic Wizard is the willingness to trust it with the touch of your flesh on it’s belly-button… strange, yes, but that’s the way it’s done.
Now heed my words my friend: Never ignore The Traffic Wizard, never. If you do you may end up with broken bones or worse, you end up as a bright red smear on the ground soon to be washed away by the heavy rainfall.
Do you believe in The Traffic Wizard?

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