Yugioh: Legacy Of The Duelist (- Good) – Updated/Edited – Great

Yugioh: Legacy Of The Duelist is a strategy card game based on the card game and five anime series of Yugioh.

The stories of the series are the same ones as in the anime, only this time presented as a history lesson telling players how things went in the past so it’s as if the player is a part of that universe. However, I did notice that some duels such as Yugi vs Rebecca and Joey vs Bonz had been missed out. Another problem with this is that sticking to the series doesn’t always fit the player’s duel, for example I used Tea Gardner to easily beat Mai Valentine but the speech after made it sound like a close run thing. To keep it interesting, there are reverse duels in the story modes where you get to play as what was originally your opponent and use their deck to see if you can win, make Kaiba beat Yugi in that first Exodia decided duel, have Yubel defeat Jaden Yuki in their duel, it gives a welcome bit of variety and fun. But there is a series called Arc-V which only has one duel in this game making it seem a little unfinished.

There are plenty of unlockables within the game such as the many cards and deck recipes that the characters use. There’re also portraits of the characters and extra duels to be unlocked.

Each duel allows the player to use the deck of the character and really feel like it’s a duel of Yugi vs Kaiba (or whoever) making for some fun role playing. The player can also use their own deck to face the opponents and feel as if they’re making their own way in the duelling world.

This game shares similarities with the older games I’ve played in keeping the rock, paper, scissors turn selection mechanic and having annoying pop-ups asking if you want to activate trap cards.

The actual game of Yugioh (the card game) is done well and accurately as far as I’m aware and gives quite a bit of fun as the player watches their opponents and learns from defeat but it isn’t just a card game, it is an Xbox game and because of that more interesting things had to happen so every time a signature card attacks a monster there is a nice little animation that plays.

Challenge duels can be unlocked by defeating opponents in the story mode, these are harder versions of the AI opponents who for some reason have cards that weren’t even invented while their series was out like Bandit Keith having Pendulum monsters.

Every now and then (and because the characters all cheat) you will find that forbidden and limited cards can be used in a deck against the game’s AI duels. This means that cards such as Morphing Jar, Pot of Greed and Monster Reborn can be used in AI duels because the designers clearly thought it would be fun to allow it. The game is kept fair online by having the restrictions put back into place. This also means that the characters have cards that they didn’t in the series such as Kaiba having at least two Obelisk the Tormentors.

I’ve briefly tried online play which is like turning the difficulty up and slowing down the game pace if you can even find an opponent (this game is a few years old now). There’s both ranked and casual but it’s mostly quite skilled players that I’ve encountered so far.

More cards can be acquired at the in-game shop using in-game money and a mode called Battle Packs will allow you to duel with a complete new deck in a few online or single player duels.

Now before my final paragraph I will explain that I like classic Yugioh, I watched the series until Yugi’s bit ended and played the games up to the GX series. My understanding of the rules is fairly basic; ritual, fusion and tribute summoning are what I understand so my experience has been slightly ruined by the addition of Synchro monsters (Fusion without Polymerisation), the addition of XYZ monsters (again, Fusion without Polymerisation) and Pendulum monsters (I don’t know what’s going on when they’re used, immortality and no tributes?). So because of this I get a feeling akin to that of someone stuck in a traffic jam, they can’t do much but don’t understand why. Now that it’s been established that I’m as good at the new rules as a dinosaur would be at chess I’ll write my concluding paragraph.

Overall, it’s a good game, soured for me by the fact that I’m playing an updated game with old rules. I need to get a better understanding of the new rules to get enough enjoyment to call this game great. However, I do believe that old fans and new fans alike will enjoy this game, I thought the Yugioh and Yugioh GX sections were amazing to play and it’s only my own flaws damaging enjoyment.

I have persisted with the game and have started to understand the new rules of the game. It turns out that playing by the old rules you can still beat the new card types. There is a lot of content in the game and I can now enjoy myself enough to call it great, all it needs is a new approach and a new strategy. I’m a bit disappointed that some story duels were missed out but there are few games as addictive, fun and thought requiring.

The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the store section of the Xbox website. It shows the five series’ main characters with Yami Yugi in the middle which is a nice touch for fans of the original, awakens a feeling of nostalgia if I’m honest.

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