A Meal For Three

Margaret was a woman with a story that everyone will be familiar with: She was treated as a slave by her step-sisters and step-mother, then went to a ball and ended up marrying a prince. Needless to say, the step-sisters weren’t very happy about Margaret’s good fortune.

Sally and Jean, two of the ugliest women ever to have lived had been cursed with an extremely beautiful step-sister. The step-sister’s life just kept getting better, but when their step-sister married the prince it was decided that drastic action needed to be taken.
The pair spent weeks trying to figure out how they could assassinate Princess Margaret and once they had a plan, they put it into action.

Unfortunately for them, their plan wasn’t very good and soon they found themselves locked in the castle’s deepest, darkest dungeon in a cell that they had very little room to move in.

Months passed with the sisters having no-one other than each other to talk to, over time they started to despise each other and slowly began to turn insane but neither would act upon their hatred because if they did they would be truly alone.
One day, a man called Raven was thrown into the cell next to the sisters. It wasn’t long before he started boasting about his exploits, the people he’d killed, how he’d hidden the bodies so they never could be found.

The women soon warmed up to the man, finding him charming and sweet. This happy friendship that they’d formed was soon interrupted by the addition of another female prisoner who was forced in with the sisters.

Raven stood up with his hands pressed against the bars that separated the cells. The charming, handsome man had a hunger in his eyes and a strange, savage smile as he stared at the new prisoner. He started telling the sisters to do things to her that they weren’t comfortable with, but even with the discomfort they obeyed him, especially after he’d told them it would make their lives infinitely better.

When the guards brought the next prisoner in they discovered that the third woman had completely vanished. Suddenly the alarm was raised and the guards remained on high alert for the next few weeks. The other new prisoner also somehow vanished without a trace.

As a result of the prisoners vanishing the guards decided to torture the prisoners and stopped providing them with food, they intended to get information on the location of the others one way or another.

Getting hungry and getting desperate, Raven decided to try his luck at stealing the keys from a patrolling guard. He succeeded. Raven’s next move was to set himself free. Then he released the sisters.

As the trio carefully made their way back through the castle they had very little trouble with the guards, they guessed that it was something to do with the fanfare they could hear echoing through the place.

Instead of heading to the kitchens like the sisters wanted to, Raven led them to the prince’s private chambers where they found Princess Margaret asleep on the bed.
Staying behind to bar the door, Raven was no longer able to give the sisters direction.
Now operating of their own free will Sally and Jean made closed distance on their sleeping step-sister. They remembered that revenge was a dish best served cold, this time it was a little warm, but it tasted so sweet.

Proud of what he had accomplished and knowing that the guards wouldn’t disturb them, Raven joined the feast. Softly he said to his victim “No better taste than an unsuspecting spouse.”

Bloodied teeth

2 thoughts on “A Meal For Three

  1. Wow what a story! You’re a brilliant writer. Another new episode of greatness 🤩 if there was a story behind what happened to the famous stepsisters, this would be it. A best fit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Apple, it’s good that you know what I was getting at with the stepsisters, copyright and all that…
      Thanks for the high praise too, I’m watching for a brilliant writer to make more of her strong female characters.


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