Two dragons fused as one…

“Two dragons fused as one from the effects of the Big Bang.” – Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, Yugioh: Legacy Of The Duelist.

twin headed fire fragonYugioh: Legacy Of The Duelist is based on the real life card game Yugioh. The Twin-Headed Fire Dragon card really exists. I think the Yugioh universe is a fictional one which shares some things with our real universe.

For this quote to be interesting we have to first take the Big Bang mentioned to be the same as the one that supposedly started our universe. An explosion of creation created all the stars and planets, the moons and everything else out in space, an incredible thing that is still hard to explain. When I saw the Yugioh card’s description I wondered that if that explosion of creation could make the planets then what else could it have made that we don’t know about? Fictional as Yugioh is, it is possible that the Big Bang or what was left after it did create a Twin-Headed Fire Dragon even if it took thousands or even millions of years.

So the thing that really makes this quote interesting is that it speaks of consequences. Consequences don’t have to be immediate and they can’t always be predicted, look at Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect for an example of this. Whatever you do there will be consequences, even if they don’t immediately become apparent, let’s just hope you don’t release a dragon on the world by eating a chocolate bar… Ok, that’s stupid but the point still stands: actions have consequences, be careful what you do.

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