The Leader: Business Tax

Charlotte sat at the bar, she’d been sat there for three days. She had no home to return to, she had fallen behind on the mortgage repayments and the bank had seized her property.

Charlotte had worked for a bakery near a school, the children used to love the iced buns. They turned up with money whenever they had it, the smiles on their faces left a mark on her heart.

The bakery was a small, independent business and when The Leader raised business taxes, the business couldn’t survive so Charlotte lost her job when the place closed its doors for the very last time.

After losing her job, Charlotte fought with her husband more and more until he finally resorted to leaving her.

Without the support and income of her husband, the debts became too much and Charlotte fell into a deep depression, eventually spending her time in a pub, drinking to forget.

Another woman strolled in and took the seat next to Charlotte.

“Lost my job.” The woman said.

“But you worked for a massive, international tech corporation.” Charlotte replied, astonished and surprised.

“Business tax made them leave the country.” Was the woman’s final statement before ordering a drink, to drink to forget.

To see another effect of what The Leader’s choices have caused look at Young Thugs.

Like with Young Thugs I’d really like some proper feedback in the comments because I’ve written a bit more but am unsure about whether to continue, what you put could sway my decision. Thank you.

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