gta v ad bench



‘Be part of a growing industry!'” – Random Bench, Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) is a third person action/adventure game with an open world where the player can partake in various activities. The city in which the game is set if full of details and lots of care has clearly gone into making it, every now and then you may find a bench in the game that looks like the above and it has earned a place in my Interesting Game Quotes section.

I find this particular bench interesting because of how it shows the world. In the modern day everything is about money, capitalism rules a lot of the world. This is the case to the extent that writings on a bench are no longer great memorials that tell of a person who was loved and immortalises their name until the bench is destroyed, instead they’re like the side of a bus or a billboard or even a small section of a newspaper, they’re just advertising space.

Well done to the enterprising minds that work in the advertising industry, you really earn your pay with this sort of thing.

It hasn’t taken off where I live as much as it has in some places to go as far as using benches but it makes me wonder: Where will it end? We already have sandwich boards so people can be walking advertisements. I hope that somewhere in the world that is preserved from this sort of thing, somewhere where life can be peaceful and not force everyone to be involved in the big rat race, maybe religion has it right and the only time we will find peace is in death.

To anyone who read through all that after seeing the title I apologise for any confusion but if you do want to be advertised to my small audience then reblog/repost something of mine and comment below. If you do I’ll write a post that links to whoever’s site it is.

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