The Leader: Abolished Monarchy

At the dump a dustman was emptying out a bin wagon.

Flags, banners and any other memorabilia to do with patriotism or the royal family had been thrown out when the Queen had lost her job. Whole landfill sites had been created just to accommodate the unexpected waste, some had been recycled but most had ended up in the dumps.

Money had been burned as well, all pictures of any royal family had to be destroyed.
Then the corpses fell out of the wagon. Two bodies, mangled and twisted by the wagon’s crusher mechanism.

The NHS had had a budget crisis and was forced to start closing hospitals and charging for health care. The numerous sick and dying meant pestilence had become a major problem again.

Nobody could afford a proper funeral either so bodies were just bundled into bins and dustmen had started moonlighting as undertakers as a result.

I’ve only got one more bit of The Leader currently written, feedback in the comments would let me know whether there’s any point in writing more so please let me know what you think.

The previous parts were:

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