Internet hellhole 1 gtav

Everything on the page  – THE INTERNET IS A HELLHOLE (Fictional Website), Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is well known for being what’s basically a criminal simulation game but the fifth one in the series is throwing up a lot of satire, poking fun at the modern world and common opinions, THE INTERNET IS A HELLHOLE is an in game website that talks about how terrible youths are becoming because of the internet and talks about how watching TV all day would be better for them.

I totally agree that a lot of young people these days aren’t very good people and I’ve already written a post about how technology seems to be effecting us more than we might like (TECHNOLOGY AND MACHINES…) so I’m not going to go too far into that, what I am going to go into is some of the examples given:

Rudely ignoring those around them – I’m fairly certain everyone has experienced this at some point, talking to a child, friend or even parent just to see they’re more interested in their phone.

Sexting – I’ll admit I’m not fully certain what this is.

Crotch shots – What? Why?

Dating a 40 year old – Who?

This shows some things wrong with the internet, but then the fictional site tells us of a group dedicated to improving the situation called Parents Require Intelligent Communicative Kids which as an acronym says PRICK. For those that don’t know, prick is a slang word for a penis and is often used as an offensive term.

So now I can get to the real point, the internet in this situation is a scapegoat which is being blamed for how bad youths are getting, before the internet the same sort of people were blaming TV for similar issues and the developers of this game have labelled the kind of people that do this as PRICK. In my family we often call these people do-gooders who have the best intentions but often don’t realise how ignorant and sometimes even hypocritical they can sound.

Live and let live because the world is changing. You don’t have to change with it, just do your best to stay positive, especially with children.

Internet hellhole 2 gtav

Just because this other section comes from the same fictional site, take a look at the line “there is no need to spend another night trolling Lifeinvader or reading blogs”. The rest of the thing is still talking about TV being great.

Lifeinvader is the fictional game world’s social media (see what the developers did there?).

But please keep reading blogs, not all the internet is a hellhole and if you think it is then why are you here? Why is a website about how bad the internet is online rather than a poster stuck to a wall or a leaflet in the street? Hypocrisy, see.

Watch out for hypocrites. See the logic in things and most importantly think for yourself.

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