The Leader: End Of The Beginning

The planes flew overhead. Backwards and forwards they went, scouting the area for threats. These planes were fighters designed for quick dodges in case AA guns started firing.

Once they had seen that there were no threats on the ground, the fighters fell back, allowing the huge bomber planes to fill the sky.

Flags of countries were painted on the wings of the planes, every country rich enough to afford a bomber had joined in.

The bombs started to drop, conventional weapons at first, explosives and napalm turning the whole of Britain into a scene that resembled the bombing of Dresden, but this soon changed to chemical weapons and nuclear bombs.

The aim was to destroy Britain, to purge the land so that people could start again and take Britain from the state it was now in – an economically unstable hub for criminals, violence and terrorists – back to the glorious nation that it once was. Everyone would have to die for a new beginning.

This is the last one I currently have written, I can do more if there’s a demand for it but I’m still unsure. Feedback is appreciated.

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