Your new baby name is: Aquaduck

gta name generator

“Your new baby name is: Aquaduck” – Baby Name Generator, Grand Theft Auto V

On Grand Theft Auto V the crime simulation open world game there’re a lot of things to do like golf, darts or riding a bike. There’s also an internet on the player’s phone with a few fictional sites that the player can visit. The developers seem to like making fun of things and I think this is an example of just that.

We live in a world where a famous person could call their child Bear or North and no-one thinks anything of it. Even non-famous people get strange and unexpected names, I once knew a person called Ocean and there was once a news story about someone changing their name to Mr Pasty-Smasher Omelette for a bet.

There is an argument that these names are as normal as any other and that they must have come from somewhere but are we going to be casually calling our children Aquaduck or Bandwidth in thirty years time.

Sometimes I wonder whether the whole world’s gone mad and as names like Trevor and Michael (the main characters from Grand Theft Auto) fade out just to get replaced with thinks that sound silly or not-quite right it leaves me shocked and sometimes slightly appalled at what the world is coming to.

Please if your going to have a child name it something sensible and traditional like Arthur or William, restore some normality to the world and maybe game developers won’t have any reason to make fun.

gta name generator 2.png

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