Lonely At The End

love destroyed

There was beauty in the innocence of her smile,
I would have loved to court her for a while,
But when everything is said and done,
I know she never saw me as the one,
Broken hearted, laying here,
True loneliness, my greatest fear,
For the end is nigh and I am alone,
Too afraid to pick up the phone,
This may be my destiny,
To wait until death sets me free,
Total obliteration is what I need,
For my emotions to be freed,
But once again I am here,
Alone now I realise my fear,
The shroud of loneliness fits like a glove,
I’m on the eve of destruction with no-one to love.

4 thoughts on “Lonely At The End

  1. So much pain wrapped all over this poem. I hope you get the courage you need, Lucas. I’m sure writing helps you a lot, and you’re great at it, so keep on doing what you’re doing. ♥️

    Apple 🍎

    Liked by 1 person

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