It wasn’t luck, Joey. It was your determination…

yugioh joey determination

“It wasn’t luck, Joey. It was your determination, your trust in the cards, and the promise you made to your sister.” – Yugi Muto, Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist, Yugioh! Duelist Kingdom DLC

Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist is a strategy card game based on the TV animation Yugioh which also has a real card game based on it. In the series the characters encounter many issues and have to face evil opponents from the mysterious Shadow Realm. The game follows the series quite well (even better with the DLC added) and this quote comes from just after Joey’s duel against a character called Bonz. This duel is the first one Joey starts without the support and encouragement of his friends. The Yugioh! Duelist Kingdom DLC adds the duel against Bonz to the game.

Joey overcame a massive challenge facing Bonz alone and the character that he is means he would normally get scared and give up easily. Through the early series Joey’s main goal is to help his blind sister get her eyesight back which requires winning the prizemoney of a tournament to do so, having that focus gives him determination.

We all have our own equivalent of Joey’s sister, some want to help others, some want fame or money or power but there’s always something. Everybody needs an end goal. I know people say it’s the journey not the destination but what would be the point of that? You’d just keep moving and never get anywhere.

Method is another thing that relates to Joey, he plays cards to achieve his goal and believes that even when he’s losing he could bring it all back, he trusts himself to succeed at what he’s doing. Whether you’re playing cards or doing something else like starting a new business you should find a method that works for you and push on until success is finally found.

In short, make sure you know where you’re heading so you can have the determination and belief in what you’re doing to allow you to get there.

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