I hate the news.

News, either really depressing or really pointless. If it’s not someone being stabbed, run over or attacked in some other unpleasant way it’s the latest gossip about some woman who chances are doesn’t live in the same country as you, and you’ve never met, or never will meet because she’s got a new haircut.

Sometimes they do put on something happy like a cat saving a tortoise from a fire which is nice and they do real news too like politics and death reports so I can sometimes believe it’s worth looking at the headlines.

I am being unfair calling it real news and not real but there are things that I have to sit through that I couldn’t care less about so I apologise for my phrasing.

On the internet news gets separated into different sections and you can choose between the different genres(?) and see whatever you consider to be worthy news but on TV and in the newspapers it’s a lot harder to get just the bit you want to know about, an hour of TV to find out Brexit has had another delaying argument sandwiched between an acid attack on a child and a royal family outing.

The thing with the child would be an upsetting piece of news but two things spoil it, the news is on when I have my evening meal and the papers are out first thing in a morning which starts my day badly plus I can’t be upset because I’m angered by the fact that nothing’s ever done to criminals, the justice system is too gentle.

I don’t care about the royals or celebrities in general. If a neighbour had a baby I wouldn’t really care and chances are they wouldn’t tell me anyway, so why is it that if someone from the TV show Neighbours has a baby the TV and newspapers want to tell me as soon as possible.

The world has gone mad.

I’m starting to wonder as I’m writing this post whether it’s the news or the state of the world that annoys me, with that I think I’ll stop for now.

Image credit to Pexels user brotiN biswaS

5 thoughts on “News

  1. I share the same sentiments, somehow, about how I detest news thus I prefer not to watch em cos it’s almost always negative. You have good points right there!

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