Old Man Cut Short – Introduction + Week 1

cropped-cropped-lb-logo.pngI’ve had my blog up for a while now and I’ve never really let my readers know who I really am. The simple answer is that I’m a nineteen year old (at the time of posting) who wants to be recognised as a writer. The long answer is not so simple…

In truth, I am not like the others of my kind. I think I’m the right age to be one of those oh so hated creatures that the world calls millennials, the snowflake generation that melt at any sign of trouble. No, I am a bit different to the point where almost everyone I’ve spent more than five minutes talking to has compared me to an old man.

I don’t like political correctness. My favourite TV programme is ‘Allo ‘Allo!. My favourite music mostly comes from the seventies. I’m constantly finding something to grumble about. I’m an ale drinker and I look for some sort of reason for everything.

William coverWhen I was seventeen I was bored of all my hobbies and started writing to express and amuse myself, this ended up resulting in my book WILLIAM (now unpublished) which I published on Amazon after I turned eighteen. This started me down the writer’s path. A path which has led to this blog, a sequel to WILLIAM (Grayson & The Astronauts (also now unpublished) and hopefully more in future.Grayson Cover

I do plan on having this as a weekly post, probably every Monday but as we know life can sometimes get in the way. This will end up being a sort of online diary.


So, with that introduction out of the way I’ll get on with telling everybody about this week.

To be honest, it’s been a boring week. Normally we get rain and cool temperatures in the UK, it’s quite relaxing to live with dull grey skies and occasional, maybe even frequent wetness except now it’s always scorching hot and I haven’t done much this week because I just can’t be bothered with anything.

img_0068.jpgOn Wednesday on my way to work I saw a collection of emergency services vehicles which I never got a proper explanation for. I did have to find a slightly different route as the police tape was blocking my way so it was a little interesting to have a change to my regular routine. It was later in the papers that someone had been found badly injured nearby, so there was some sort of news about it at least.

img_0073.jpgThe highlight of my week was probably Saturday when I didn’t do much for most of the day but went on a family meal to a local pub called The Hitching Post. I had a quite nice steak and ale pie with chips while drinking a pint of golden ale and rocking about on a chair that wasn’t on even ground.

Sunday morning had a trip up the moor with my dad and my dog. It’s quite refreshing to go out to the top of a big hill in the cool, misty hours of the morning. I’m writing this on Sunday at ten-thirty so I’m yet to see what the rest of the day holds.

It’s nice to finally share something more personal with my readers so if there’s anything you want to share with me or a post you want me to read let me know in the comments, no links please. You never know, you might make your writing the highlight of my week.


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