Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist, Yugioh! Duelist Kingdom DLC – Good

In my main Yugioh! Legacy Of The Duelist game review I wrote about how it was lacking the duel between Joey and Bonz, this DLC adds that duel to the game along with the deck recipes used for the battle. Along with the duel there is quite a bit of story written in for the player and a fan of the first series to enjoy. Bonz even gets his own challenge duel with a more difficult deck for the player to face.

The DLC also adds a duel between Kaiba and Pegasus to the game. This duel is another one from the series and adds in more story as well as deck recipes. Not much more is added here as the characters used in this section of the DLC were already in the game.

Unfortunately, this DLC added new deck recipes but not new cards. It is probably possible to find the recipes online and construct the decks yourself.

Overall, this DLC does make the original Yugioh section of the game feel a little more complete and it is satisfying to defeat the characters in duels as well as read the dialogue from the series. The only thing that stops me calling this great is the lack of new cards or any major feature changes that I can find.

The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the store section of the Xbox website. It shows an upside down triangle shape similar to that of the Millennium Puzzle which is an iconic item from the original series. Good for fans but as DLC the art doesn’t matter that much.

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