Halloween poster

Halloween annoys me. Especially because of the poster in the badly taken picture above (sorry about the quality).

Here in England on the fifth of November we have a lovely tradition where we burn an effigy of a Catholic who tried to blow up our royalty. Halloween which is on the thirty-first of October is being advertised in August (nearly three months early) for a party which is after the actual day. Why not have a Guy Fawkes party on the second instead?

Then there’s the spirit of Halloween. Everybody should have a jolly celebration of the dead where we get together and go to church to think of those long passed, instead what we get is expectation of children knocking at the door but when we open it we find a gang of local teenage thugs demanding money and having legal permission to cause disturbances in an area.

A lot of the time people are even mistaken in calling Halloween an American idea, many English shun the concept of Halloween purely for its association with America but it is suspected to have come from old Celtic ideas so is more likely to be Irish. This just makes people look stupid and often racist.

The biggest problem with Halloween is the same as Christmas and Easter, money. It is an old tradition that the shops have got a hold of and are just trying to use to force us to spend more and we’re stupid enough to go with it because “it’s tradition”. I’ll tell you, you can get anyone to do anything if it’s a tradition.

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