Old Man Cut Short – Beauty + Week 3

Beauty, a word that can be used on many things, for many reasons and in many situations. Beauty is prevalent in many aspects of life from animals to architecture and I feel like putting something down about it today.

I’ll start with the obvious physical beauty that causes attraction. Some people say personality is all that matters but would you engage someone that you deem ugly in casual conversation? What makes you talk to a stranger? What makes you trust someone you’ve never met? Think about it, good looks and a charming smile can get you far in life.

There’re also beautiful personalities out there, good people that convey love and justice in every word they speak. Or even those devilishly charming people that have a beauty inside but it’s also something dark and dangerous.

morning wet streetThen of course there’s the beauty of nature. Fields, moors and meadows are all very nice to look at. Some people say cities are ugly but I love a good view from an airplane or a hill where you can see the city from above. One of the best sights is when man-made structures and Mother Nature team up such as a cold rain soaked morning where the water has settled on the road so the lights of the surrounding streetlamps and buildings create something hard to describe properly.

There’s also a beauty in the night, when the moon is up in a cloudless sky the sun’s light is reflected from it in a strange lunar glory that when positioned right it can be enough tGeorge and dragono inspire writers.

There’s a beauty in power, the fury of a thunderstorm with the striking lightning can be quite a sight. The power of a man’s will and bravery that’s passed on in legends such as that of St George and the Dragon. Speaking of George and the Dragon there’s a pub which is a nice looking building named after the legend, the sign outside is an example of how good art can look.

The point is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s everywhere if you look at things right and in such a strange world it can sometimes be hard to see the beauty right in front of us so sometimes stop and just look.

As for week 3 of this almost diary thing nothing much has happened again, just work which I can’t write about although that can be funny sometimes. I did go out walking with the dog a few times and I’ve spent some time placing books onto shelves but they’re still not the exciting things I was hoping to write about.

I did mention a writing contest that I’d entered in my previous Old Man Cut Short post and that contest has hit the voting stages, it’ll be nice to find the results although one of the other entries is a funny story about mental health where a man working for a suicide prevention hotline has an awkward conversation so I don’t fancy my chances.

Dark souls framptI played a bit more Dark Souls until the challenge’s appeal started to wane for me. I beat the Great Grey Wolf Sif which was a really sad fight and then started slamming my head against Sen’s Fortress. I then went out and bought a copy of Far Cry 5.


Let’s look forward to next week and hope something really interesting happens.

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