Old Man Cut Short – Existence + Week 4

Every time I write one of these posts I write about a general topic before going into how my week has been, this time I’ve been thinking about existence. I don’t know what has made me think about existence but it has brought up an interesting memory which may also do something to prove and disprove religion.

The memory was of a teacher who spoke of “phantom legs” (a “phantom leg” being an amputee trying to scratch an itch on a leg that isn’t there) and then this teacher spoke of how everything could just be a sort of “phantom world” thought up by a bodyless brain. If the brain could imagine an itch then why couldn’t it imagine a new life for itself.

earthWe believe that there is some purpose to life, some reason but what if we’re just here for the amusement of something that’s not got anything better to do. Change the thought to created characters in a book or a movie or some other medium that we don’t know about.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is one of my favourite book series and in The Light Fantastic it is revealed that druids believe the world is run by four forces – charm, persuasion, uncertainty and bloody-mindedness. As ridiculous as the Discworld can be I think this counts towards existence because there is some logic to it. Maybe we’ve just been persuaded that we’re real and uncertainty means that until we fully understand then our existence can continue.

What does this mean for religion? Well, any argument about a god being a superior being would be the “phantom brain”. Why don’t we see it? We’re it’s thoughts, I hope none of my thoughts have ever seen me because that would be weird. What does it do to disprove religion? It means that any god is the brain meaning nothing superior, just something created. We all have the power to imagine our own world.

Think about it. “Phantom Brains”

Week 4 now then. I bought Far Cry 5 last week and have been powering through it, very fun but it seems a little short compared to some games. I’ve also had overtime at work twice in one week which uses up a few extra hours in the week for me.

I have also taken a trip to the dump which I expected to be a landfill-like area but was actually just a few waste skips with men working around them. I was a little disappointed at this but it was worth seeing at least once.

Plus I posted an old piece that I’d written skullbased on the book Immortal Last Words by Terry Breverton (which is well worth reading). My poem shared the same title of Immortal Last Words.

The writing contest I entered finally finished with me being the one to have reviewed the most other pieces but my own work not placing in the top three. I’ll post the piece on Wednesday this week so keep a look out for that.

I’ve also started reading the brilliant book ‘Grumpy Old Wit’ by Rosemarie Jarski which is full of quotes from unhappy people both fictional and real. Below is one example.

sam tyler quote

Image of Earth credited to Pexels user Pixabay.

Image of skull credit to Pexels user ahmed adly.

Image of quote taken by me of ‘Grumpy Old Wit’ by Rosemarie Jarski.

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