Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two – Good

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two is a third person child-friendly adventure game set in a land of forgotten toons. I like the fact that they’ve used a land of forgotten toons because that gives a nod to what has happened to one of the main characters, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The people needed useful help so drag Mickey Mouse from his home to save them and on it goes with Mickey wielding a paintbrush and Oswald using a remote control.

The most important game mechanics revolve around the paintbrush which can blast paint or paint thinner to add or remove things from the world, and the remote control which blasts electricity to power items or stun enemies.

Having Mickey able to add things to the world give the player a choice of good hero who could be a pacifist or when he uses paint thinner, a destructive antihero who can destroy his enemies and parts of the world and a mix of the two. This is a really nice thing about this game as actions do have consequences, I accidentally thinned something I shouldn’t have and a shopkeeper put his prices up.

With two important characters comes the opportunity for two players or a single player working with a story focused AI that ignores anything off the beaten track.

The physics in the game are pretty good with updraft assisting flight and things falling down if their supports are destroyed, it works well.

As for collectibles in game, there are clothes to collect as well as pins plus there’s something to do with spirits which I didn’t investigate much before putting the game down.

Overall, this is pretty decent as a game for kids or a welcome to gaming for someone who isn’t really into the hobby. Unfortunately I’m past that stage in my gaming life so became bored of the game fairly quickly but I was impressed with some of the features and characters like the singing mad doctor who I think may be the villain. The game turned into a side-scroller at one point and it was self aware enough to comment on how convenient it is that things are where you need them to be in games and that singing is annoying. And I love the older design of Mickey Mouse used in this game. It was good but not for me.

The art that I’m using as the featured image was found on the achievements section of the Xbox website. It shows the two main characters (Mickey and Oswald) holding their equipment in front of a paint blob which represents the world which can be destroyed or re-painted. A pretty good representation.


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