Old Man Cut Short – Illness + Week 6

I haven’t been very well recently, I’ve been having some problems with my stomach acid which has been causing me unpleasant feelings. This has made me think about illness.

doctor representMost people will go to the doctor and get a prescription of some sort to make themselves better, not me. I’m not a fan of the whole process surrounding a visit to the doctors and I’ve always struggled to swallow tablets of any shape or size. Fortunately, when something is wrong with me I can usually identify the cause so it will go away within a few days.

What about worse illnesses? What about if it’s terminal, a killer, the end? There’s not much you can do really. There’s research looking for cures and solutions but after billions have been poured into it they still don’t have the final answer. I don’t think I’d deal with a terminal illness very well, so it’s amazing that some people do.

I suppose that no matter what happens I just take a very English attitude: Even if you’re dying, keep walking because it’ll pass and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

This week has been another fairly pointless one, although there was some new developments. I’ve also been back at work so not too bored.

I’ve eaten spinach wraps which are green. Green wraps that aren’t out off date seems strange to me. This means I’ve been having something different from my usual sausage rolls for dinner (or lunch depending on your meal names).

imageI took a trip into town where I visited many shops and bought absolutely nothing. What was interesting about the trip was that there was a model search thing where little girls that looked uncomfortable were standing in a line while a crowd gathered around, I don’t understand why it was happening or why they were being forced to be there, surely that goes against all feminism and women’s empowerment yet it’s still accepted in today’s society. Why?

I’ve been looking into Dungeons and Dragons recently, watching videos on YouTube and ordering myself a starter kit. Obviously I’m new to it but any info would be appreciated. If I can get into it I’ll probably start writing about it on here.

I have beaten the main story of Injustice 2 which is a really fun game. Was slightly disappointed by Monster Hunter World and reinstalled Fallout 4. My gaming week has been ok.

I’ve introduced a new Misc section to my Creative Writing section which I’ll put a few random phrases and maybe a longer piece or two into. For now I’ll look to next week with hope of enjoyment.

Credit for first picture and featured image to Pixabay on Pexels

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