4-Man Wall podcast (Episode-2)

The 4-Man Wall podcast is back after a long delay and the boys are having another chat. They start with a brief explanation of why it’s been so long then give a helpful shoutout to me, the blog and my books. (Thanks for that.)


Episode 2 is slightly better focused than the first one, with a smoother introductory section, what I think is supposed to be four topics and quick transitions between all of them.

Being a sports podcast named after something that happens in football it is expected that players and managers get a fair amount of time for discussion. It did however catch me off guard when they started discussing golf and news. This then went onto touching on how all hobbies are valid into a conversation about modern life which I can only describe as beautiful, four lads not being too PC and having normal, honest attitudes were great to listen to. I really got into this bit.

After the 4-Man Wall boys take the short trip away from sport the lads bring us back to football with a little more about managers and something about their missed opportunity: the World Cup. France’s 2018 victory and the England team being good but probably not good enough also get into the discussion.

The chaotic climax which was well worth listening to was near the end. I laughed along with their chatter about a few different things which I don’t want to give a spoiler for because it was better than most things I could find on TV.

Last time I wrote that a sound issue bothered me. I don’t know what they’ve done this time but the sound issue is gone. However I have to try and find a bad thing, or at least a thing that I believe can be improved the most, so… the issue now lies at the start, not inexperience but there is little to draw the listener in. Maybe some sort of music or something is needed to liven it up. Maybe even a short highlight from last time rather than “Well, hello…”.

Ultimately, the 4-Man Wall boys are good to listen to, they have a bond, a chemistry that works and they entertain each other which works well when you listen to them. Personally I prefer the non-sport related stuff but the focus is there when they talk about football. There are few sports things I can get into but a sports thing with likable people, digressions from sport and a relaxed attitude mean I can definitely recommend this.

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