4-Man Wall podcast (Episode-3)


Episode 3 of the 4-Man Wall podcast is now up and has improved upon the second with music to draw the listener in, which is also now used for the topic transitions. The transitions were smooth in the second episode but the music does set the structure a lot more making it seem more professional. The choice of music was entitled Dickhead Express by Supermarket Police

After the music the first words are “‘ey up” which basically just means hello but it shows their identity as Yorkshire boys and keeps the podcast casual which was the original intention. They then for some reason complete their intro with a shout out for their chosen music and a strange discussion about the construction of the word news which may or may not relate to compasses. Then they forget how time works briefly. Good fun to listen to and a perfect draw in the opening of a casual, humorous.

As for the actual sports discussion, they start with football. The Premier league, the managers, attitudes, teams and talent within. They show their knowledge and opinions well, even going as far as evaluating Newcastle United as championship quality team with good manager which leads to some success.

Fighting and an odd event with Khabib vs McGregor which I saw a video of on Twitter was the 4-Man Wall‘s second topic. This went further than just fighting, going as far as discussing money and motivation, then some confusion between hair and hats.

The talk then gets a little deeper, going into football players and how awards are viewed with an all that is gold does not glitter attitude. This changes turns into a discussion of a rape case and how no-one is above the law, this is a worrying issue in the modern age but they are honest and make it silly, understandably not being able to see the criminal perspective. Out of this comes a lot of wisdom in a life lesson: don’t judge a book by its cover (Not all footballers behave in such a terrible way).

They try to explain how tournament set up can be confusing but end up confused themselves. We do get shown more of their honest charm when they laugh at the insightful opinions of one another.

They have now decided on a definite weird news section which they’ve sourced from the Lad Bible, this time how parents were told to be silent at children’s football matches for the weekend to provide pressure free environment for children. This is another example of ridiculousness in the modern world (How children aren’t allowed the struggle of competition and defeat). To top it off we get a heartfelt, funny anecdote about a sad young boy.

I am honestly struggling to find fault in this podcast, I may not understand all of it but I do find it to be thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Maybe I can say that they sometimes become too casual like when they cant be heard for talking over each other in their rape discussion and a fart at the end was probably unnecessary.

Overall, this 4-Man Wall podcast has developed rapidly, it has charm and the presenters are likeable, relatable and seem normal (I knew one of them a few years ago and I know the personalities aren’t put on for the recording). Once again, all I can do is recommend having a listen.

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