Negative Viewpoints

A wise man once said that we should always look on the bright side of life. So why are things so miserable all the time?

I saw something about glorifying war. War is glorious. It is extremely useful for producing technology and creating advancements. We use wars to settle political issues, fighting is often the method used to settle social issues. Yes people die in wars and yes a lot of terrible things come as consequences of war but how many lives have improved because of wars? Refugees that escape warzones will sometimes find better lives in helpful countries, we get nuclear power, we learn from the mistakes that led to a war and from war we get heroes, the difference between a man and something more is often decided in what one would do for friends and comrades. War is not all bad.

Newspapers and social media are for causing trouble and passing around miserable viewpoints rather than just reporting events and having valuable discussions. It angers me that we’re always forced to see the sad side of life. Things need to be more cheerful because you can bring someone down with a bad atmosphere.

History is another one that gives us negative views. Take Hitler as an example. We remember a madman that wanted to take over the world and kill the Jews. In truth he was a well intentioned, charismatic leader that brought unemployment figures to nothing, made sure everyone could have a car if they wanted and tried to create a holiday camp. We only remember the bad. It’s all about how we look at things and life could be better with a nicer viewpoint.

The same guy that said to look on the bright side of life also said to look on the bright side of death. He was right there too. We suffer from overpopulation, pollution problems and a serious need for more resources than we can sustainably use. It sounds bad but if millions of people die then that’s millions less to feed, house, give electricity to and more. There have been volcano eruptions that have kept planes out of the air, lowering carbon emissions which war leaders like Genghis Khan managed the equivalent of by killing people. Death is also the end of life and a reason to celebrate the fact that a person did exist. Death is not all bad.

So, don’t hate the world or elements of it, look at things in a different way, see the positive side and have a fresh perspective. If everyone could do this life would be more enjoyable and the world a happier place for everybody. Find a light in the darkness.

Always look on the bright side of life.

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