Gaming, A Neglected Medium

Sadly, video games are often seen as a toy for children so when something big happens that the mainstream news would like, it gets overlooked. 

On Armistice Day/Remembrance day players of a violent war video game stopped shooting each other to honour the day and think about the war. The game was Battlefield 1 which is based on the first World War. For a short video of this click here and also see some commenter discussion on Reddit. Annoyingly I read about this happening on a website which specialises in video games and it was ignored by mainstream news.

However, the mainstream news does like to use gaming as a scapegoat for real world crimes. Apparently playing as a murderer in a virtual world will make you a killer, just type “Killings blamed on GTA” into a Bing or Google searchbar and see for yourself. I’ve found stuff about an eight year old shooting his grandmother, why is an eight year old allowed on an eighteen rated game? Surely the people allowing an easily influenced child to play a violent game are at fault and not the game itself which is designed for those old enough to realise that the actions in GTA aren’t a real life acceptable way to behave.

There have been other things like people believing video games have killed or caused killings which end up in the news but where are the good things for gaming, the modern acceptable ideas? One of the best known video game characters is Lara Croft, a female character who was originally known for her twin pistols and large chest but went through a change to keep the pistols and look more like a normal woman and not a collection of pixels that people would leer at. Battlefield V has a female soldier representing the game which is massive for feminism and female recognition but the mainstream news ignores these things because it may make video games look good.

We’re often told of how computers and Tv’s rot the brain, destroys the body and breaks the power of the eyes but what have I gained from gaming? Creativity? Inspiration? How about life lessons such as not giving up? My mind has grown the way it has because of a lifetime of videogames and this is something that should be shouted about. Some people even call Video games an artform because they can look better than films, have better stories than books and often have deep meanings and life lessons within them.

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