Painting: Self Portrait

Brush strokes,

The painters path,

A calming pursuit,

Eases wrath,

Even the unskilled,

As young as children,

Find new excitement,

Time is filled,

The path I walk it,

Tiptoeing along,

Practicing new things,

For an hour I’ll sit.

I recently decided to take up painting as a new hobby. It’s good because it can be picked up and left whenever. I won’t claim to be any good but that isn’t the point, it’s a new outlet for creativity and with practice I may improve.

I started with a basic flower, then did the self portrait above. I think I enjoyed doing it. Although that might just be because it’s something that I haven’t done for a long time. I do recommend attempting something artistically creative though.

And I can’t leave old things behind completely so I’ve put a little poem at the top.

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