St Patrick

Taken by pirates when he was young,
All over earth his name is sung,
St Patrick, St Patrick, 17th of March,
Left in a land of potato starch.
The good old Saint Patrick.

The fields of green,
He kept them clean.
He liked his booze, always drank mead,
But one day, he found himself freed.
The wise old Saint Patrick.

With the church he was ordained.
For converting Ireland he is famed.
His belief in God he spread around,
Until not one Pagan could be found.
The preacher Saint Patrick.


Featured image credit to Lloyd of LLOYD’S LENS PHOTOGRAPHY LLC

First posted 17th March 2018

6 thoughts on “St Patrick

    1. I did my research and as far as I could tell the snakes were just an offensive nickname for non Christians and pagans. Actually removing all species of an animal would probably be unrealistically hard although I concede that saints are sainted for miracles.
      Thanks for taking a look on your computer, knowing it looks cleaner helps.


      1. 13 years living in Ireland and even I didn’t bother to research that haha. Yet there are no snakes to be found in Ireland except shops and an Facebook friends.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You don’t have reason to research it, or are you planning on writing a poem? The lack of the animal according to a quick internet search is due to climate change long before Christianity was even thought of, the last ice age sort of long.


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