Painting: Darkness In The Heart (and some thoughts)

Sometimes I just like to pick a brush up and see where my brain takes me, this was one of those times.

After a day that definitely wasn’t great I started with a heart, moving to thoughts of the softness and comfort of love. But then my next brush strokes hit onto an ugly truth, there’s darkness in the heart.

No matter how good a person may be or how well intentioned there’s still some bad inside of them. Sometimes it will seep out slowly and sometimes it will launch out in quick bursts. It comes from the core and leaks out of the edges.

It’s probably best if we remain calm when we see the darkness of others. It’s wild and hard to control but when handled right can be kept inside, in the core.

The darkness is our worst nightmare, our most dangerous enemy. It can’t be killed and it’s always there, searching for a way out.

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