The Horse Racing Issue

I keep seeing posts about banning horse racingon Facebook. The horses can get injured. Once they lose their value they can get killed. All very bad and understandably upsets people.

In football people sometimes hit each other with a ball, they sometimes get injured, they sometimes never play again and can’t do what they love. Should football be banned for possibly causing depression and injury?

F1 can have fatal crashes and devastating injuries, should that be banned?

The big thing is that horses are animals. We don’t know what they want but they are bred for a purpose, to race. Liking racing is conditioned into them. We have to assume they enjoy it and as long as they are treated properly outside of the race then there’s no issue. Horses can also be used for other useful products such as meat or glue, sadly we use them for what they’re useful for, it benefits us but may not be good for them.

Point is: horse racing shouldn’t be banned.

People calling for things like this these days is why my generation gets called the snowflake generation. People melt at the first sign of trouble.

There is excitement in danger, there’s excitement in risk. There is pride in seeing your side win whether football, horse racing or school sports days.

The only way to solve all complaints that suggest banning something is to ban everything, then what sort of world would it be? Nobody and nothing ever gets hurt – great. At what cost – nobody ever does anything.

This is controversial I know but it’s just an opinion so please don’t get upset if you disagree.

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