Painting: A Tree And A Bush

I have recently been given a nice new art set with an easel, a canvas and some acrylic paints. I also have some new brushes.

Just like when I first acquired Watercolours I have had a little play, painting something simple to get a feel for my new equipment.

This picture is nothing too special, just a tree and some other greens. What I learned is that a canvas looks better in the light, acrylics work like ready mixed paints with much improved quality and putting colours on top of each other can have some nice effects.

I will go back to ready mixed sometimes but that’s mostly because of the price of better equipment.

You can see my paint tubes on the left, they have little metallic covers inside the caps. If anyone knows a better way to get into them than ramming scissors into them please let me know, it would really help.

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