Quick (VR) Game Reviews – PSVR Worlds

I’ve decided that because of the time it takes and that I’m mostly writing for myself I won’t write full game review type things anymore, instead I’ll put a few games into one post from now on.

However, this one will technically be the exception as PSVR Worlds a PlayStation VR  game that contains five other games which I’ll write about below. Each game has challenges to complete which give them extra objectives that add some replayability to them.

VR Luge – Good – This is fairly simple, slide down a hill against a timer while dodging out of the way of cars. The player changes direction by using their head and moving it in the direction you want to go. Just incase it isn’t clear, it’s the VR headset that’s being tracked. This game is a fun welcome to VR but is quite difficult to complete.

Ocean Descent – Average – This is a calm video that the player can look around an underwater cage and look at sea life. There isn’t much game here to actually play, it isn’t even interactive but it nicely demonstrates how VR works.

Danger Ball – Good – Quite simply Pong, the paddle and ball retro game done in VR. You’re behind one of the paddles controlled by the player looking around with the VR headset on. The objective, hit the ball past the AI controlled opponent. There’re little bits of strategy to add like curve shots or hard shots and the opponents get advantages such as extra paddles but its just a basic, decent bit of fun.

Scavenger’s Odyssey – Good – Drive a mech in first person, use cannons and explore a few chapters of story as you blast alien things. The movement in this is the most impressive thing as you jump, run and spin through space. This had been the only game so far to make me feel a little bit sick from the motion but it was good and interesting to play without it being so long that I could get bored. I liked this game and am wanting something similar or even a sequel but if you’ve not used VR before I’d try something else first to get used to how it feels.

The London Heist – Great – I didn’t play this until I had Move controllers but once I did play it, this gritty gangster drama, first person shooting game blew my mind. I found myself looting a desk in a slight puzzle, then having a gunfight where I started trying to rest my real arm on the virtual desk. I believed the game, it was real enough to believe which is exactly what VR should be aiming for. There was also a car chase and a bit more dramatic story. I can really recommend this because it was brilliant for one of the first games I’d played and that opinion still stands after I’ve played a few more.

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