Quick (VR) Game Reviews – Skyrim VR, Blood & Truth, Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Skyrim VR – Good – The epic fantasy adventure from years ago, reborn more times than a Draugr that’s been found by a necromancer and a dragonborn is also on VR. It’s the same as it always has been, it’s a fantastic quest filled, lore filled game with the unique elder scrolls universe holding up past the test of time. VR makes it so you see in the game rather than in first person but it doesn’t look massively different, although adding size and scale to things makes it slightly cooler. With the regular PS4 controller it’s just the visual experience that changes but with the Move controllers it becomes a nice dual wielding game where magic definitely feels powerful and fun to use but the melee combat is a bit like waving a balloon on a stick. Worth a play but I’m just fed up of Skyrim after playing so many versions.

Blood & Truth – Great – This game is a lot like ‘The London Heist’ in that it’s a first person shooter with a gangster story as a plot. Movement isn’t an issue because the game is set on rails and basically guides the player everywhere. To use pistols with the Move controllers is great, taking guns from your back or hips is fluid and easy. The game gives you such a sense of power when you’re doing well but can become really irritating when you get a bit stuck, the run and gun sections are a perfect example of this where you charge out at many enemies and if you survive you progress. There’re some references to PSVR Worlds and some collectables that are related to it as well as some that aren’t. I think this style of game works really well in VR and this is definitely worth buying.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission – Great – This is a third person platformer where a little space robot sets off to find and save his friends, it’s nice, it’s friendly and the further you get, the more challenging it becomes. Using everything that the VR and PS4 controller has to offer the game shows the real power of VR and made me realise the headset wasn’t just a gimmick toy. Standing up to look around an obstacle to find the Astro Bot blew my mind, blowing into the mic and using the controllers touchpad and motion control turned what was basically another Mario into an exciting, fresh experience. There’re even three hit boss fights that platformer fans will enjoy. A must have for PSVR in my opinion.

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